Welcome to Ursinus


We are a small group of committed people.

We care about people in our community …


                         those we know and those we have yet to meet

Here you are free to be just who you are, with all your doubts and confusion, all your desires and dreams, all your faults and failures.

We know folks have been hurt … judged, rejected, made to feel they were not good enough. Jesus says, all are welcome.

We know people are judgmental … Jesus says that isn’t a good thing, we should let God do all the judging.

We know people are just people, none of us are perfect. And so here at Ursinus, we accepted everyone just as they are, knowing Jesus loves all of us, no matter what, no exceptions!

We strive to love our neighbors as we learn to love ourselves.

We work to feed God’s people … mind, body and spirit.

We laugh, play and celebrate the life God gives us.


Come, let’s get to know each other as we get to know God.

                               Worship with us this Sunday at 11