Who We Are …

We Are a part of the United Church of Christ which includes churches of many traditions and theological perspectives from extremely conservative, to ultra-liberal. We think of ourselves as a progressive group, respectful of every person’s beliefs and lifestyle. We value our heritage of Evangelical Reformed German settlers. And we get excited to do new things and create new traditions. Serving others bring us great joy.

We are open to all and accepting of all people. 

We believe in the Universal Love of God of all people regardless of their mistakes or social status or race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious beliefs or nation of origin …

God loves us all.

Our church is autonomous.We own our property, govern ourselves and decide as individuals God’s message to us through the scriptures.The people of Ursinus embrace their faith as a journey and invite those looking for compassion and grace to walk with us.

We Believe … In One God; the creator and source of all, Jesus our redeemer, and the Holy Spirit who dwells in and around us. We acknowledge Christ is the sole head and authority of our church and our lives.

We realize God speaks to us in many ways and that scripture is multifaceted. And so we respect each individual’s right and responsibility to interpret scripture.

“Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” Gracie Allen   

  God is still speaking …

Our Vision:

To be Vibrant with Vitality and Passion as We Follow Christ

We share a desire to engage with people, to do God’s work and thrive as a church.


Our Mission:

To Connect People to God

               We welcome the stranger

                       We feed the hungry

                               We care for those in need

                                      We work together and make a difference.

            We take Jesus’ command to feed His lambs personally: Mind, Body and Spirit.

We work to feed people through Worship, Helping Hands Ministry and local pantries, and Gatherings of Community.

Our Invitation:

We welcome all to Ursinus, where you are free … to be you

            We are a unique church in our community… here it is okay to think, to question, to doubt.  It is okay to believe and be … different than the person next to you.  At Ursinus, you can be who you are and explore who you want to become.


No Matter who you are,

or where you are on life’s journey…


               are welcome here.